About us

Quality and durability, that is what we stand for.

Royal Cuisine Netherlands

IRoyal Cuisine is ontstaan met als doel om duurzame en betrouwbare kook- en huishoudartikelen te creëren. Inmiddels is onze eerste pan verkrijgbaar in diverse (web)winkels en zijn we druk bezig met het ontwikkelen van nieuwe producten.

Healthy cooking is the new cooking

Healthy cooking is much more than just putting the right ingredients together. The utensils used for cooking play an important role in this. To ensure that our pans offer the maximum in healthy cooking, we have made sure that our pans require less oil for the same result. 

Duurzaam en betrouwbaar

Royal Cuisine takes its responsibility for health and environment seriously. Our pans are 100% PFOA free and contain no lead or cadmium. Also, the non-stick coating of each pan is made of scratch-resistant marble coating, which makes our pans not only safe for consumers, but also for the environment.